Nearest Metro Station to Shakti Nagar

By | August 14, 2019

Shakti Nagar is a residential area located in North Delhi. It is a neighborhood situated along the G. T. Karnal road and near the main campus of the University of Delhi.

In this post, you will know the nearest metro station to Shakti Nagar.

How to reach Shakti Nagar?

You can reach Shakti Nagar by metro with ease. Following metro stations are the nearest metro stations to Shakti Nagar:

  • Shastri Nagar Metro Station
  • Pratap Nagar Metro Station
  • Pulbangash Metro Station

All the abovementioned metro stations are located on the Red Line of Delhi Metro.

You can exit from any of the metro stations as per your convenience. The distance from all the above metro station is approximately the same.


Nagia Park Shakti Nagar nearest metro station.

Shastri Nagar metro station is the nearest metro to Nagia Park. The distance is approx 2 Km.