Moti Bagh Nearest Metro Station

By | January 16, 2019

The nearest metro station to Moti Bagh is Sir Vishweshwaraiah Moti Bagh metro station.
This metro station is located on Pink Line of Delhi Metro.
The distance between Moti Bagh metro station to Moti Bagh is less than 1 km and you can easily cover it by 5-10 minutes of walking.

Image Credit : DSGMC

Quick Facts About Moti Bagh Metro Station

Sir Vishweshwaraiah Moti Bagh Metro Station is located on Ring Road. It was opened for public use on 6th August 2018.
Line – Pink Line
Platforms – 2
Address – Rao Tula Ram Marg, Block A, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi,110021

Important Info and History about Moti Bagh

Moti Bagh is a posh residential area which is located in the southern side of Delhi. Delhi is such a city which has a long story and history of its establishment and so is every corner of the Delhi city. Moti Bagh is one of the oldest locations in Delhi which was established in the year 1960.

The term Moti Bagh has a word Bagh which means the garden so the place is just the same as the name is. The locality in the Moti Bagh is surrounded with greenery because there are a number of planted trees and gardens and parks. This further adds the beauty of the place and attracts the people a lot.

Moti Bagh was named after the gardens situated here and the name of the area which Arakpur Bagh Mochi. This area was surrounded by greenery and was established by Arakpur Mochi so in combination the name was kept as Arakpur Bagh Mochi.

Later, the name was converted into Mochi Bagh as it was originally built by Ramdas who was entitled as Mochi. Still, this name was continued as the time passed by. Later, after 1970, the government intermission started in the area.

The land acquisition process by the government began in this area and after the completion of the process; the named people were not so comfortable with the name. This made further change in the name of the place and instead of Mochi Bagh; it was named as Moti Bagh.

At the time of establishment, the area was considered as one but later it was divided into North Moti Bagh and South Moti Bagh. It is situated nearby Chanakyapuri and is easily accessible to the largest healthcare of India which is AIIMS and one of the biggest and busiest airports which is the Indira Gandhi International Airport.
We already mentioned in the beginning that Moti Bagh is one of the posh localities of all and it is because it is an official residence to many high authority officials. The high authority officials are senior civil servants, members and Chairman of the Railway Board, employees serving in the Government of India and officers of the Indian Armed Forces.

There are people who are from the department and are at different posts who are residing in the Moti Bagh. The sale and purchase of the property in the Moti Nagar location are very costly so it is not affordable for all. If not government officials, then any big and rich businessman can deal with the property and live in this area.

The Moti Bagh is large and thus it is accommodated with every modern and advanced requirement of the local residents. The most and interesting thing to see in Moti Bagh is the high rise and multi-story apartments. The North Moti Bagh has two important markets of the region and they are named as Begum Zaidi Market and Basrurkar Market. In terms of religion, there is a famous Gurudwara named Gurudwara Moti Bagh Saheb which established by a Sikh Militant in 1783 is located in Moti Bagh.