Mookambika Temple Kollur

By | May 25, 2019

Mokambika Temple Kollur is one of the oldest temples of India. It is located in Kollur district of Karnataka. This is the only temple dedicated to the goddess Parvati. Apart from Karnataka, this temple is easily accessible from other states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

In this post, you will know everything about the Mookambika Temple, its history, timings, dress code, and how can you reach there.

About Mookambika Temple
History of Mookambika
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How to Reach Mookambika Temple
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About Mookambika Temple

Mookambika is one of the most visited shrines of Kerala and Karnataka. Mookambika is the only who is worshiped in three different forms i.e., Mahagauri in the morning, Mahalaxmi in the afternoon and Mahasaraswati in the afternoon.

The idol of the deity is installed somewhere around 1200 years ago. Sri Adi Shankara installed the idol in the temple. There is a dedicated space for Adi Shankara in the temple where it is believed that Adi Shankara has done meditation.

When Adi Shankara was performing meditation at Kodachadri Hills, the Adi Parashakti got pleased and appeared before him. She asked Adi Shankara for his wish. Adi Shankara replies that he wants to install the idol of the Goddess in Karela.

The goddess grants his wish but on one condition that she will follow Adi Shankara wherever he wants to take her, but he will not look back until he reached his destination and if he turns back anywhere on the way he has to install the idol at the same place.

Adi Shankara accepted the condition of the goddess and started his journey to Karela along with the goddess.

Somewhere in the middle, the goddess decided to test the devotion of Adi Shankara. When they reached Kollur, the goddess deliberately stops the sounder coming from her anklets, when Adi Shankara noticed that the sound of the anklets not coming he turned back to see that the goddess is still with him on not.

He breaks the condition of the goddess that is he turns back he has to install the idol on the same place. This is how the idol was installed at the Kollur.

Adi Shankara asked the goddess to forgive him for breaking her condition. The goddess forgives him and also grant him to install the idol in Kerala as well.

History of Mookambika Temple:

It is believed that Lord Siva narrates the story of Mookambika in Skanda Mahapuranam. According to Hindu mythology, there was a demon named as Kaumasura. He got some special powers from Lord Shiva that any male could not kill him. After getting the forces from God, he started creating chaos around the universe. He started troubling the sages and devtas as well. There was a sage named Kola Maharshi. He was performing Yogna to please Lord Shiva. The demon came and disturbed the Yagya in the middle. The sages got furious and asked the goddess Parvati to punish the devil.

Kaumasura came to know about the incident and understood that his time has come to an end because the deity was a woman and according to the boon, only a woman could kill him.

So he started penance to please Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva appeared in front of Kaumasura and asked him for his wish. When Kaumasura was about to ask a boon of immortality, the goddess Saraswati twisted his tongue and made him dumb, so he could not speak in front of Lord Shiva. In this way, Kaumasura became Mookasura (mook means silent).

The goddess Aadi Parashakti killed Mookasura and hence known as Mookambika.

The Kollur is named after that saint Kola Maharishi who requested Adi Parashakti to kill Mookasura.

Darshan Timings of the Temple:

Although God or Deities can be worshiped at any time. There is not a specific time defined by the almighty to worship them. The same condition applies to the Mookambika Temple. The temple has a flexible schedule of pooja.

But in general a devotee can offer his prayer in following timings:

First Session: 5 am to 1 pm

Second Session: 3 pm to 9 pm.

How to reach the Mookambika Temple:

You can reach to Moodambika Temple Kollur easily by flight, train, and bus.

By Train:

Following are the railway station to Mookabmika Temple in Kollur:

  • Udupi Railway Station
  • Mangalore Railway Station
  • Kundapura Railway Station

Udupi Railway Station: Udupi Railway Station (UD) is connected well with the other major railway station of the country. Mookambika Temple is 76 km away from the Udupi Railway station.

It will take approx. two hours to reach the Mookambika Mandir from the railway station.

Mangalore Railway Station: Mookambika Mandir is 132 km away for here. If you can’t go to Udupi, you may choose this railway station to deboard.

It will take approx. three hours to reach there via road.

Kundapur Railway Station: Kundapur Railway Station is the closest railway station to Mookambika Temple.

It is 32 km away from the Udupi Railway Station. There are very few trains which go to Kundapur Railway Station.

If you don’t find any direct train to Kundapur railway station, you may Udupi railway station as your terminating station because it is just 32 km away from Kundapur.

By Flight:

It is the quickest way to reach Mookambika Temple. The nearest airport to Mookambika Temple is Mangalore Airport.

The temple is 128 km away from here.

By Road:

You can also reach Mookambika via road. The nearest bus stop is Udupi Bus Station. Temple is 73 km away from here.

Dress Code of Mookambika Temple:

You need to follow a strict dress code while visiting the temple. Following dress code are allowed for men and women:

For Men:

Allowed: White dhoti on the lower body and nothing above
Not Allowed: Shorts, Bermudas, hats, ties, western pants, shirts, vests, lungis

For Women:

Allowed: Women can wear sarees, kurtas with dupattas and Punjabis and everything that is sober and not too tight or revealing.
Not Allowed: Mini-skirts, tight-fit jeans, and short tops are strictly not allowed inside the temple.

Address & Contact Info: