Lotus Temple Nearest Metro Station

By | July 2, 2018

Kalkaji Mandir Metro Station is the nearest metro to Lotus Temple in New Delhi.

It is situated at the Violet Line of Delhi Metro

nearest metro station to lotus temple

The temple is just hundreds steps away from the Metro Station. It is a walking distance. You can cover it easily without taking any conveyance.

Important Info and Facts about Lotus Temple :

If you are planing to visit Lotus Temple, here are the important things to keep in mind before visiting there.

Nearest Metro Station : Kalkaji Mandir Metro Station (Violet Line)
Opening Days : All Weekdays (Monday Closed)
Timings : 09:00 a.m. – 05:30 p.m.
Entry Fees : FREE
Photography : Permission Required

Delhi is a big city and there are a number of places for the tourist attraction and tourists are very excited to visit these places due to their beauty and historical importance. The Delhi is considered to be the Delhi of Luteyans and under his power, Delhi has expanded a lot and it has grown into a full-fledged capital city with all the technological advancement developments.

The city is such that a person visiting India cannot complete his journey or the vacation without visiting Delhi. India is such a country that has a story in his every hook and corner.

India is the country of the old and historical stories and it cannot be explained to any person until and unless the person visits the country on their own. We mentioned that the story is everywhere in India so how can the Capital city be not the part of the same.

The story behind the emergence and establishment of Delhi is very big because Delhi was ruled by many people like the Mughals, Britishers etc. Each of them has given a different story and look to Delhi along with the different lifestyle.

It is not possible to narrate the story of Delhi by taking it as an individual city but the bits and parts of the Delhi locations explain them all. There are different monuments and architecture constructed in India by the different rulers and they are important in their own ways.

Though the Delhi city is very advanced and the people staying here are much modernized, tourists of India are attracted and excited to visit Delhi due to its famous monuments and temples and there long historical stories.

All the monuments located in Delhi are very beautiful and famous but one amongst all takes a special place in the heart of the people due to its unique construction. This famous place of Delhi is known as the Lotus Temple.

Lotus temple is located on the east of the Nehru place, which is also another important and famous market for electronic goods. There are many ways to reach the Lotus Temple. It is more comfortable to visit the place through roadways as there is no direct connection to the place through metro.

In case you are traveling by metro then you need to get down at the Govindpuri metro station and take an auto from there. The Lotus temple is open from Tuesday to Sunday and remains closed on Mondays. The timing for the visit is from 9:30 am in the morning to 5:00 pm in the evening and the entry is free for all.

Let us now know why it is so important? There are different religion established and followed by people all over the world and all the religion have teaching and learning and people of that religion do follow the same. Other than all the established religion, there was a religion established by Baha’u’llah in 1863 in the Middle East known as the Baha’i.

The Baha’i faith was such religious teaching which considered all the religion equal and as a single unit. With this faith and message, the founder of this religion travelled the whole world and made people aware of the same. In his journey, he built a number of Baha’i temples at different location s of the world and Lotus temple is last of seven Major Bahai’s temples.

In the temple also the same rules are followed and every individual irrespective of its status and qualification is allowed to enter.

The construction of the temple is very unique and gives a very important message to all. The temple was constructed by the famous Iranian architecture Furiburz Sabha who is currently staying Canada and according to her the flower lotus is a common symbol to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Islam so she gave the shape of a lotus to the temple.

The temple got established on 13 November 1980 but was opened for the general public on 24 December 1986. The whole temple is constructed with the white marbles. Going deeper in the construction of the temple, we can say that there are 27 free standing marble clads petals and they are arranged in a very proper manner.

It is arranged in the cluster of three which forms the nine sides of the temple. The nine sides refer to the nine doors of the temples which leads towards the central hall which has the sitting arrangements for the devotees.

We are discussing about the temple and the temple is known for the idol that is established inside the temple but in the Lotus temple, there are no pictures, statues or images along with no pulpits and altars.

The reason behind this is the equality and unity of all the religion. This does not restrict any person of any religion to enter this temple. If you wish to find peace, you should surely visit the Lotus Temple.

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