Nearest Metro Station to Gaffar Market Delhi

By | February 6, 2019

Delhi is the capital city of India and very famous for its wholesale and retail markets. Though people from around the corner visit Delhi for wholesale marketing for their own business purpose, people are also very interested to visit the retail markets of Delhi.

There are many famous retail markets in Delhi for different products and amongst all Gaffar Market is the one which is famous for electronic goods. Gaffar market is located in the Karol Bagh and it is open every day except on Monday.

Gaffar Market Nearest Metro Station

Gaffar Market Nearest Metro Station

The nearest metro station to Gaffar Market is Karol Bagh Metro Station which is located on blue line of Delhi Metro.

The distance between Karol Bagh Metro Station to Gaffar Market is 1 km. It will take approx 10-15 minutes to reach there.

Here is the distance and time screenshot from Google.

Opening Hours of Gaffar Market

The working hours of the Gaffar Market shops are from the morning 10 am to 8 pm in the evening. The Gaffar Market is very old it is famous due to its some unique features.

Facts and Info About Gaffar Market

There are several interesting facts about Gaffar Market Delhi such as its history, how the name ‘Gaffar’ came from? and why it is famous for? Lets dig into this in details:

How the name ‘Gaffar’ came from?

The market got its name after the name of the great freedom combatant Gaffar Khan.

He was the famous Afghan political and religious leader who was popular because of his peaceful movement against the Britishers. Due to his work and characteristics, he was the best companion of Mahatma Gandhi.

He played an important role in the fight for independence for India. Even after the partition, he was working for India because of which he went to jail several times in his life.

He was the first individual who received the Bharat Ratna Award for his work even after not being the citizen of India. Bharat Ratna is considered to be the award of the highest status for the Indians.

Gaffar Market Famous For?

Gaffar market is majorly famous for electronic goods and the place is overcrowded almost daily.

The biggest reason for this huge population in the market is the cost and availability of new and advanced products.

The products in the market are priced almost half the price which the person will get in shops or online. Further bargaining is also possible in some of the items.

In terms of the availability, those products are also available in the market which has not been launched or is newly launched.

We discussed that Gaffar market is famous for the electronic items but it also attracts the youth generation because China made garments and shoes are also available in the market at the lowest price.

One more reason for the low price of the product is that they do not charge the taxes on the products because they would not provide any bill for the products you purchase.

People who shop in the Gaffar market are least concerned about the guarantee and warranty of the products because they get their favourite product at the lesser price.

The shopkeepers in the Gaffar market are also very smart; they would disclose everything about the product but will not utter a word about the guarantee of the product. It is not possible to get the assurance of everything in the less price.

It is very easy to reach Gaffar market by blue line metro. Along with shopping, there are a number of restaurants in and around the Gaffar market where you can enjoy the delicacies of Delhi.