Delhi Cantt Railway Station Nearest Metro Station

By | July 15, 2018

Delhi Cantt Metro station is nearest to Delhi Cantt. Railway station.

Delhi Cantt Metro is located on Blue Line.

The distance between Delhi Cantt Metro Station and Delhi Cantonment Railway Station is approx 4.5 k.m.

You can take e-rickshaw or Cab to reach there.

Facts and Information About Delhi Cantt.

Indian military or the defence system of India is very strong, powerful and worldwide famous. India is a one and every Indian citizen is proud of the democracy of the country. Everything and every individual irrespective of age, caste, religion, and culture are treated equally. The same theory is followed by the Indian Army. Why is our Indian Army so strong and powerful? This is the ultimate reason. The defence force of India welcomes every individual of the country who has the passion and patriotism for the country and ready to risk his life in all the conditions to safeguard the country. This makes the Indian defence system strong from all other countries.

The power of the Indian Army does not lie in any one corner of the country rather the accumulation from all the corner of the country makes it possible. The troops of soldiers are formed and trained in different regions of the country and sometimes they named according to the same. The training of the armed forces cannot be done at any as it requires a large area along with large types of equipment. In this regards, there are different cantonment areas specifically allotted to the people of the Indian army and their family. The question here arises why the families? It is because the family is the backbone of the soldiers. All the facilities are also given to them.

If we talk about different cantonments of India then Delhi Cantonment which is also known as Delhi Cantt is very famous. The first reason for the popularity of Delhi is that it is situated in the capital of India that is Delhi. Being in the capital city, the Delhi Cantonment area is very modernized and equipped with all the possible facilities. The Delhi cantonment was established in the year 1914 which means it is very old. The area got its name after 1938 and before this, it was known as the Cantt authority. The whole Delhi Cantt region is spread in the area of approx. 10,521 acres.

The area of Delhi Cantt is large so is the use of the area. It is not just said that the Cantonment area of any region is dedicated to the Indian Army but also it is definitely the same. The Delhi Cantt is the residence for everything that a complete city of Delhi would require. It is a residence of the Indian Army Headquarters, Delhi Area, the Army golf course, the Defence Services Officers Institute. These places are for the training and reporting of the soldiers and every important decision of the Indian Delhi Army is taken from here. Further, other than the professional offices there are military housing, Army and Air Force Public Schools.  Medical casualty and emergency are the part and parcel of the life of the soldiers and this should be treated on the topmost priority. In this regards, there are Army Research and Referral Hospital and Base Hospital a tertiary care medical centre of the armed forces of India located in the Delhi Cantt. The Delhi Cantonment and the Ahmedabad Cantonment was established by the Britishers and since then it is running smoothly providing the best training and facilities to the Indian soldiers.

The Delhi Cantonment is presently governed by the Cantonment Act 2006 and the instruction of the Ministry of Defence also known as MoD. The Cantonment Act works in a very disciplined way and the rules are strictly followed for the same. The area in and around the Delhi Cantt is very beautifully developed. It is surrounded throughout with the greenery and lush gardens. The area here seems to be very clean and perfect for all.

The other reason for the popularity of the Delhi Cantt is the Delhi Cantonment Railway station. Due to the presence of the railway station, the area around the Delhi Cantt remains crowded. The Delhi Cantonment railway station is very old and it started as meter gauge railway station. Later in the year 1991, it was converted into broad gauge. People can easily board the trains from this station for many big and important cities of India like Jaipur, Ajmer etc.

The railway station area in most of the region is surrounded by a number of hotels and restaurants as there are continuous coming and going of the passengers and so is the case with the Delhi Cantonment region. If we talk about the population of the Delhi Cantt then it is very high as compared to the other Cantonment of the country.

The Delhi Cantt is located at the very area of Delhi and it is very accessible for all the people who are visiting Delhi or staying in Delhi. It is just 5 kilometers away from Delhi airport and well connected by roads and railways. The Delhi metro and the DTC buses are also good options to reach Delhi Cantt. If you are visiting Delhi for once then do keep Delhi Cantt in your bucket list.