Ashok Vihar Nearest Metro, Timings and Route Infomation

By | January 11, 2019

Ashok Vihar is located along the Ring road of Delhi city and it is one of the busiest roads of Delhi. Ashok Vihar is divided into four phases and every phase of the Ashok is very important in its own way. Though it is the residential area it is surrounded by many small and big markets as per the convenience of the person living there.

Ashok Vihar Delhi Nearest Metro Station

The nearest metro station to Ashok Vihar Delhi is Keshav Puram Metro Station.

Keshav Puram Metro Station is located on the Red Line of Delhi Metro.

The distance between Keshav Puram Metro Station to Ashok Vihar is about 1.7 km. See the map below:

keshav puram to ashok vihar distance
Courtesy : Google Maps

It will take around 25 minutes if you cover the distance by walking. Alternatively, you can also hire cab to auto rickshaw which will drop you Ashok Vihar is just 5 minutes.

About Ashok Vihar

The major division of Delhi is in New Delhi and Old Delhi but it is far more divided into small bits and parts. The smaller parts of Delhi are given a particular name which helps the person to reach the specific location without any confusion. If we talk about other forms of division of Delhi then it would be based on direction wise like East Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi, and South Delhi.

Delhi is a big city and it is not possible to travel the whole of Delhi with just one name that is Delhi. You can reach Delhi with this name from any other city or any other country but you would not be able to see through the same.

Each and every direction of Delhi is important in its own ways. South Delhi is famous for its modern lifestyle and posh colonies. On the other side, North Delhi is very famous for the students as the most important and famous college of Delhi University is located here.

Discussing the North Delhi, there is a very important residential area in the North West region of Delhi which is known as the Ashok Vihar. It is a very big residential area which has covered a larger area of North Delhi.

What Ashok Vihar is famous for?

Amongst all the markets, Ashok Vihar is the home of the market named the Deep market which is also known as the Central Market of the Ashok Vihar.
Moving forward, Ashok Vihar is not only the home for the residence and the markets, but the two important colleges of the University of Delhi is also located here. The name of the two colleges is the Satyawati College and Laxmibai College.

Nearby Places to Ashok Vihar

Ashok Vihar has also given place to many famous schools of Delhi namely Mata Jai Kaur Public School, Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Montfort Senior Secondary School, D.A.V Public School, Lions Public School, Presidium school and Maharaja Agarsain Public School.

If we drift from the educational background, there is a lot of things and places for the people residing in this region. The famous amongst them all is the sports complex which is named after Major Dhyan Chand where every type of sports facilities is available whether it is indoor or outdoor.

There is one Ashoka Garden which is famous amongst the morning people for a morning walk, jogging and yoga. Ashoka Garden has an area of 70 acres. In terms of shopping, Ashok Vihar is very famous because it is the place for many multi brands outlets like Adidas, Nike, and showrooms like Honda, Maruti, and Fiat etc. It also has many famous eateries in its locality.